VIRUShed® Instant Hand Gel Sanitizer Refill (Pump) With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E - Alcohol Formula - 32 OZ (904 mL)

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Product Overview

VIRUShed® Instant Hand Gel Sanitizer Refill (Pump) - Alcohol Formula - 32 OZ (904 mL)

Kills 99.99% of many common germs in 15 seconds - 62% alcohol


• Rub it between hands, fingers and under nails.
• Keep it on your hands for 60-90 seconds.
• You must wash your hands with soap and water then.
• When sprayed, it gets additionally oxigenated.


VIRUShield® alcohol hand sanitizer kills germs fast while preventing skin dryness, a perfect formula for any work environment, but especially food production and preparation areas where high levels of hand hygiene is required. The foam nature of the alcohol hand sanitizer prevents dripping and splashing.

Having trouble opening the pump for the first time?
Normally you would put your finger on this part of the pimp and
twist it open, but sometimes they can get really tough to open.
Take the pump out of the bottle, rinse off the shaft.
Then firmly grip the shaft just under the collar of the pump and
firmly twist to the right. That will pop the pump open.
Put the pump back in the bottle and you're ready to use
this product.

Where to use: Ideal for use in any work environment or public area where a higher level of hand hygiene is required

  • Completely versatile
  • Suitable for use without water
  • Glove/PPE Compatible
  • Food Industry Compatible
  • Environmentally Certified


  • Instant foam action - provides user with complete control of the product, preventing dripping and splashing
  • Clinically proven skin friendly formula - independently tested and proven to prevent skin dryness even after frequent use
  • Contains moisturizers (Aloe Vera and Vitamin E) - to help prevent skin dryness


Locations of use:

  • Office & Facility
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Airports & Transport Terminals - Facility Maintenance
  • Care Homes
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Commerce & Office
  • Food Processing/ Manufacturing & Food Packaging
  • Food Services & Catering
  • Medical Centers/Surgeries/General Practitioners/Dentist/Emergency Services
  • Outdoor Maintenance & Repair
  • Public Facilities
  • Public Transport Maintenance & Repair
  • Road & Transportation Construction
  • Ship & Boat Building, Shipping Marine
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Bakery / Food Worker
  • Catering
  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry Worker
  • Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic
  • Farmer, Landscaper
  • Florist
  • Fontanero
  • Hairdresser, Cosmetician
  • Lab Technician
  • Roofer
  • Waste / Circulation Management



• Microbial Contamination (Bacteria, Yeast & Moulds, Viruses)



Available packaging:

• handle 1 L or round shoulder 1 L; container may vary without notice



  • Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 62%
  • Natural Fresh Scent from Essential Orange and Mint Oils + Vitamin E


Ethyl Alcohol 62%, Purified Water, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Glycerin Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Orange Oil, Mint Oil, Vitamin E


• Spray enough to cover both hands in the palm, and rub hands together until dry.

• Children under 6 years of age should be supervised by adult when applying this product.


For external use only. Flammable. Keep away from fire or flame or sparks.
When using this product do not use in or near eyes. In case of contact, rinse eyes throughly with water.

Keep out of reach of children.

If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

About Sootheen®:

All Sootheen® products are patented formulas using exclusive methods of compounding. We are the original manufacturer. Sootheen® formulas can only be found at and our authorized providers.



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