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Liquid CBD formulas and treats designed specifically for dogs and for cats. Made of biologically appropriate ingredients combined with Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract* (contains CBD). For healthy skin and coat, and overall well-being. Compounded, not infused. There is a huge difference in performance and quality between the two.


  • Biologically Appropriate Ingredients
  • Contains NO 0.00% THC
  • Alcohol-Free, Grain-Free, 
  • Sourced & Made in USA
  • indiWOOF® CBD Chicken Sprinkle for Dogs
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    indiWOOF® CBD Chicken Sprinkle for Dogs

    indiWOOF® Chicken CBD Sprinkle for Dogs Just sprinkle half of teaspoon onto your dog's favorite food. They'll love it!Formulated with bio-appropriate ingredients for sensitive systems. Made from Grade-A white meat chicken breast meat, wild caught...
    Servings per Bag:
    Approx. 10 total
    CBD Concentration:
    5 mg CBD per one (1) serving
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