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About Us

Short History



    • indiCREME® and other Sootheen® formulas were founded out of necessity. Being a Ph.D. chemical engineer, our founder began creating formulas for palliative care to ease pain symptoms of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) of which his father had been diagnosed.


    • Located in the state of Sunny Southern California, Sootheen®, humbly, but very rapidly grew larger, especially in the last 5 years, as more people began trying our formulas and spreading the word. What was once referred to as, “that stuff in the little white jar” finally became the trademark indiCREME®.


    • We now have over 30 unique formulations, 12 registered trademarks, and over 25 SKUs that have been tested and proven in the market.



Mission Statement



    • Innovate. Execute. Evolve.
      Sootheen® is dedicated to your health and wellness. Our focus for the last 10 years has been to formulate potent, USA made products, made from natural ingredients that minimize the need for oral narcotics.





The unique blend of experience and research is our backbone.


A solid, experienced leadership and credibility are a few of many elements that makes us a success.
When you are on the market for products and selecting companies to deal with, look for their reputation and longevity.
Welcome to Sootheen®












Meet Our Team


As we enter yet another year in operation, our talented team continues to expand as we accomplish our mission of bringing nothing but the best to support our growing base of doctor's offices and their patients.
Driven by that mission, our team uses a set of four core values to guide our decisions and innovation on a daily basis:




Create Remarkable Experiences


Anyone can say they're remarkable. But how many companies will, say, knock your socks off with their quality products and customer service ‐ and then send you a few product samples in the mail?
That's the kind of thing Sootheen® does. We know our patients by name and we're here with personalized support.


Respect & Cooperation


At its core, Sootheen® is a family. A warm, fuzzy, (and growing) family. But how does our team feel like a family?
It's all in our culture of respect and cooperation. It, doesn't come from policy, it comes from treating people like people ‐ the way we all should be treated. We all work together to make our service the best it can be.
Our totally open workspace helps the collaboration along. We're not just the manufactory plant and a few offices... We're the anti-office-door office where everyone is accessible.


Listen To What People Say About Us. Invite Feedback


You can't run a helpful company in a vacuum. That's why feedback is so important to us - internally and externally.
Doctors and their patients feedback is just as important to us. Our team is continually using your suggestions to upgrade our service. Got any ideas or feedback? Please contact us here. or call us TOLL FREE at 1-855-925-5550 Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm PST.


Learn. Educate. Innovate.


We're the ones who invented IndiCREME™ and many others, so we know all about innovation. As our CEO likes to say, "Dream big, fail fast and iterate on what works." Constant education is a big part of that. We encourage our team members to keep learning by attending our events and conferences of continuing formal education in their field. We're all about educating our doctor's staff and their patients, too. We want you to be the best you can be, because when your succeed, we succeed too.